Together, let’s build something distinctive, innovative and memorable. 




Corporate Events

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Private Events

Welcome to Avocado & Company


We have made it our mission to serve delicious food that is healthy, organic, and responsibly sourced all the while being fun, intriguing, and unique.

We are committed to making sure our environment and communities remain healthy. Our contribution to sustainability is realized in our day to day activities as we strive to become greener in both the preparation for and execution of our events.

Above all our commitment to you, our client, is our highest priority. Our team of professionals are here to assist in every aspect of your event, ensuring everything down to the smallest detail is to your unique specifications. 


Our menus are seasonally crafted and thoughtfully built around the products we source from local farmers, artisans and suppliers.



Dark greens, winter squash and braised meats. Hearty foods call for longer cooking times and rich flavors. In winter we craft nourishing meals to warm our guests.


The grass becomes bright green, and so does the market – peas, favas, fiddlehead ferns, green garlic and radish tops. The produce is delicate and we cook things gently, if at all.


The height of the growing season. The market is bountiful and full of variety. Our summer menus celebrate the spectrum of colors and flavors – tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers, corn, summer squash, and fresh herbs. 


In fall, the market starts to show its beautiful autumnal colors. We welcome concord grapes, pears, parsnips and carrots. As the fruits and vegetables become heartier and more robust, so does our menu.